Mediation is a voluntary process that is less formal and usually less expensive than court. It involves a mediator who helps both parties reach an agreement.

It is important that both parties must agree to participate.

Statistics has shown that parents and children may benefit from mediations:

  • Children benefits from both parents working together.
  • Both parties are in control of the decision, and can reach an agreement that suite their circumstances.
  • Parties may learn techniques to resolve any future issues that may arise.

Is Mediation the correct method for me?

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before contemplating mediations:

  • Do I feel safe talking to the other person, either face to face or through a mediator?
  • Can I set aside my anger for the well being of our children?
  • Am I willing to listen to other side of the story?
  • Am I willing to negotiate for our children’s best interest?
  • Am I able to resist pressure to agree to something I don’t think it is fair?
  • Am I willing to uphold an agreement that is satisfactory to both of us?
  • Do I see this process in terms of compromise rather than winning or losing?

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